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How A Woman Fucks Herself Over

Women complain about the wrong things. Women are too busy trying to impress a man physically, that inner beauty becomes rotten. Women settle. Women make excuses. Women find reasons to stay. Women don’t see the chances to leave, instead all the reasons to hold on to what is not really there. Women ask questions to what they already know the answer to. Women don’t know the difference between knowing better and desperately hoping for better. Women forget that a woman’s intuition is always right.

Women…I am a woman and I’ve made each mistake I’ve listed. I’ve watched myself lose myself and beg myself for forgiveness. Because at the end of the day, I am still learning. And I can say I am still growing. And I am lucky to know that there is nothing wrong with loving the sweet words a man has to say, the little gifts to show he appreciates, the surprising calls on any given night or day, the way he caresses my skin and holds me to stay, and the truth in his “I Love You”s. It is okay. As long as I remember that just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s all good in a relationship. If I am uncertain or confused, or have doubts and lack trust in a man, I have every right to take time for myself to find out if I am wasting my time or not. Because as women, we rush into things. I am a woman and these things can make a woman forgive a man. But I am blessed. I am a woman able to admit my mistakes and say that I am blessed enough to recognize that I too have lost battles between a man’s game. And being nice, loving, passionate, caring, truthful, honest, and pure isn’t wrong despite the heart breaks.

I am a woman. A woman with the right mind. That knows that despite the glory a man demonstrates I must go out and get all I’ve ever wanted for myself, be hungry for knowledge, dream big and never share too much or too little, cook with passion, do the laundry with love, never lie to myself and always go for what I deserve. Because damn, as cliche as it may sound, I am a damn good woman that deserves a good man.

———Written By: Poetic Tease


A woman will only become the best woman she can be when we begin to realize the following:

  • YOU don’t need a MAN
  • STOP trying to wear the pants and just rock your heels without falling. (You can do all a man can do with still being very feminine and not trying to handle your moves and motives like men do).
  • DON’T gossip. Focus on gossiping less. Even to that one “best friend” or your “boy friend/girl friend” or “sister/mother/father”. Use the time and energy to be all you thought or were told you couldn’t be.
  • USE your beauty to advance in a career. FUCK who ever tells you it’s wrong. I didn’t tell you to fuck the crew, simply use them with class.
  • Take YOUR time with bringing kids into this world. Be all that you want to be as a person beforehand to be an example for your children.
  • Eat breakfast like a QUEEN, lunch like a LADY and dinner like a PRINCESS.