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How A Woman Fucks Herself Over

Women complain about the wrong things. Women are too busy trying to impress a man physically, that inner beauty becomes rotten. Women settle. Women make excuses. Women find reasons to stay. Women don’t see the chances to leave, instead all the reasons to hold on to what is not really there. Women ask questions to what they already know the answer to. Women don’t know the difference between knowing better and desperately hoping for better. Women forget that a woman’s intuition is always right.

Women…I am a woman and I’ve made each mistake I’ve listed. I’ve watched myself lose myself and beg myself for forgiveness. Because at the end of the day, I am still learning. And I can say I am still growing. And I am lucky to know that there is nothing wrong with loving the sweet words a man has to say, the little gifts to show he appreciates, the surprising calls on any given night or day, the way he caresses my skin and holds me to stay, and the truth in his “I Love You”s. It is okay. As long as I remember that just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s all good in a relationship. If I am uncertain or confused, or have doubts and lack trust in a man, I have every right to take time for myself to find out if I am wasting my time or not. Because as women, we rush into things. I am a woman and these things can make a woman forgive a man. But I am blessed. I am a woman able to admit my mistakes and say that I am blessed enough to recognize that I too have lost battles between a man’s game. And being nice, loving, passionate, caring, truthful, honest, and pure isn’t wrong despite the heart breaks.

I am a woman. A woman with the right mind. That knows that despite the glory a man demonstrates I must go out and get all I’ve ever wanted for myself, be hungry for knowledge, dream big and never share too much or too little, cook with passion, do the laundry with love, never lie to myself and always go for what I deserve. Because damn, as cliche as it may sound, I am a damn good woman that deserves a good man.

———Written By: Poetic Tease

To Forgive

We find it so hard to forgive others when we feel a sense of hurt. We forget just how most likely than not, we have done the same to someone else. We dwell on the matter that it has happened to us and we- a union of individuals, continuously disregard that fact that we all want second chances in life. Whether the other person on the other side feels we deserve to be forgiven or not, or the opportunity to show we deserve forgiveness. We emphasize on the pain one has caused us without acknowledging the matter for why it happened or why it was done to us. The cycle that becomes harder to break out of. 

I am not saying that all things happen to us because we have deserved it, “it  was meant to happen”, or because “it was bound to happen” due to the decisions you as an individual were making for YOURSELF, in YOUR life. No one deserves to be raped or molested, to lose a parent, to lose their house, to become chronically ill, etc. But to forgive the man/woman that killed a love one, for he/she has yet found the beauty of life-for he/she is not really living but dying slowly. To forgive the man/woman or company that fired you for he/she who has now lost a business feels they are left with less than you will ever endure. Forgive the man/woman that rapes someone, for he/she has yet recognized the beauty of having sexual relations with someone who desires it just as bad, as much as you do. I am not saying their wrong doings are to be accepted. But we must learn to forgive. And though hard to forget, put it pass us and learn from the detrimental experience for a better life.

We all want and believe we deserve better in life. We all make mistakes, take the wrong actions and say the wrong things. But we must forgive ourselves, before asking to be forgiven. We must remember that we too know someone who we “know” deep inside has a good heart despite their faults, shameful unethical actions, and spiteful beliefs. And we too, have tried to forgive them, because we knew deep inside “he/she did not know any better”. We must “be the change we want to see in the world”, as best said by the great Mahatma Gandhi. We shall start with the younger ones, with the ones that still have experienced less, heard less, and seen less. Give them what someone did not give you when you were growing up or always “thought you already knew”, so you didn’t listen. And share the importance of learning from mistakes before they happen. Give a child the chance to appreciate someone’s goods, before pointing out their wrongs. And this world may just some day be a better place than you picture it to be. 

To believe we deserve forgiveness is to forgive ourselves. And then we will learn that though one may not deserve it at the given moment, we all deserve the chance. One must work hard with willingness, to earn our trust back. Though we shall not make someone feel like they won’t ever be forgiven no matter how hard they try. We must give the opportunity, but not loose respect for ourselves in the midst of humble doings. “The only way to dissolve a bad taste in your mouth is to swallow your pride and savor forgiveness”, as said by the greatness in me. 


I am not religious. But I am a firm believer of a higher God. I do not follow what I am told is right. Instead I take it upon myself to evaluate it’s purpose, and determine whether I will or will not decide to agree with. I am not against those who have their certain beliefs, and believe they are scheduled to be right. The fact that someone could be passionate enough to be dedicated on just one outlook on religion does not bother me. For I am not worried of what the next man believes, has faith in, or desires. I am glad that there still exist man kind that has beliefs, has faith and desires.

We live in a hungry world of individuals who indiscreetly become obsessed with either an object, a person, a state of mind, or an idea- to fill space where there lies a deep emptiness in ourselves. But we forget, that in a world of billions there is a world of infinite stars in a Universe that speaks through our, the people’s energy. Those are the ones that bother me. You may call yourself a Christian, and that’s just fine. But don’t talk to me of your beliefs to try and persuade me without giving me the opportunity to choose, to have my own desires, beliefs and opinions. Don’t speak of your God like you are trying to sell me your dream. Instead, make me feel that you know him. That you really feel him. Like you and him have a bond that not even God could make you believe other wise. Than I might just pay attention to you. Make me believe not in what you believe, but that you have build your beliefs through love, faith, care, grace, and hope. Whether your God, my God….there is a God.

Nobody wants to be themselves… If there was a guy who just liked being himself and didn’t want to be anyone else, that guy would be the most different guy in the world and everybody would want to be him.
Donald Miller